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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The County of El Dorado Planning Commission will hold a public hearing in the Building C Hearing Room, 2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville CA 95667 on July 9, 2020 at 8:30 a.m., to consider recommendation for adoption of proposed Title 130 Zoning Ordinance Major Amendments (OR17-0002) project submitted by EL DORADO COUNTY. The major amendments include but are not limited to: 1) Expand the allowable commercial and/or industrial zones for uses including: distillery, professional and medical office, full service winery facility, vehicle sales and rentals, self storage (mini storage), drive through facilities, and mobile services consistent with the intent of each respective zone (Article 2, Table 130.22.020 - Allowed Uses and Permit Requirements for the Commercial Zones, and Table 130.23.020 - Industrial/R&D Zones Use Matrix); 2) Expand the allowable agricultural zones for the following agricultural land uses: ranch marketing uses for agricultural grazing lands, and full service winery facilities consistent with the intent of each respective zone (Article 4, Table - Ranch Marketing Uses for Agricultural Grazing Lands and Table 130.40.400.1 - Wineries Allowed Use Matrix); 3) New or expanded uses by Conditional Use Permit including drive-through facilities with improved development standards (Article 4, Section 130.40.140 Drive-Through Facilities), and full-service wineries outside of General Plan Agricultural Districts (Article 4, Table 130.40.400.1 Wineries Allowed Uses Matrix); 4) Modifications to planning permit processing, public noticing requirements and procedures, and repeating uses for temporary use permits in Article 5, Chapters 130.50 (Application Filing and Processing), 130.51 (General Application Procedures), and 130.52 (Permit Requirements, Procedures, Decisions, and Appeals); 5) Minor text corrections and modifications for consistency with state law; and 6) Modifications to eleven (11) definitions in the Glossary (Article 8, Section 130.80.020 - Definitions of Specialized Terms and Phases) for Campsite, Community Care Facility, Distillery-Large Commercial, Distillery-Craft, Drive-Through Facility, Drive-Through Entrance, Drive-Through Exit, Drive-Through Lane, Stacking Area, Mobile Services, and Restaurant. The proposed amendments to Title 130 Public Notice Requirements and Procedures also required changes to the noticing requirements in Title 120 (Subdivisions) for consistency between the two County Ordinances. The sections proposed for modification apply to noticing requirements under Tentative Maps, Parcel Maps, Lot Line Adjustments, and Certificate of Compliances. (County Planner: Efren Sanchez 530-621-6591) (CEQA Addendum to 2015 Targeted General Plan Amendment-Zoning Ordinance Update [TGPA-ZOU] Project EIR prepared)** Agenda and Staff Reports are available prior at All persons interested are invited to write their comments to the Planning Commission in advance of the hearing. In light of COVID-19, all persons may be required to observe and participate in the hearing remotely as in-person attendance may be restricted depending on the current COVID-19 recommendations as the hearing date approaches. For the current remote options, including whether in-person attendance is allowed or a potential change in hearing location if in-person attendance resumes, please check the meeting Agenda no less than 72 hours before the meeting, which will be posted at If you challenge the application in court, you may be limited to raising only those items you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Commission at, or prior to, the public hearing. Any written correspondence should be directed to the County of El Dorado Planning and Building Department, 2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville, CA 95667 or via e-mail: Email Me. **A CEQA Addendum is a document filed to satisfy CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act). This document states that the Title 130 Zoning Ordinance Major Amendments would not result in any new or more sever impacts than those previously analyzed in the 2015 TGPA-ZOU Project EIR. The CEQA Addendum, together with the 2015 TGPA-ZOU Project EIR, will be utilized by the County as the environmental clearance for the Title 130 Zoning Ordinance Major Amendments project in accordance with Sections 15162 and 15164 of the CEQA Guidelines. To ensure delivery to the Commission prior to the hearing, written information from the public is encouraged to be submitted by Thursday the week prior to the meeting. Planning Services cannot guarantee that any FAX or mail received the day of the Commission meeting will be delivered to the Commission prior to any action. COUNTY OF EL DORADO PLANNING COMMISSION TIFFANY SCHMID, Executive Secretary June 26, 2020 Publication: June 26, 2020 Ad #0000593686